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Growing your family comes with challenges, both physical and emotional. If you are feeling the pressure and overwhelm to make sure you're everything "right," welcome! You are in the right place.


Hi, I’m Dr. Sterling.

As a board-certified ObGyn and mom-of-three, I understand the pressure to get everything right in pregnancy. With so much information about what you should and shouldn't do, it's easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. I believe you deserve comprehensive support for the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and postpartum. Unfortunately, traditional pre- and postnatal care often doesn't provide enough of this crucial support. In 2019 I left my clinical practice to fill these gaps and create an online space to provide trusted answers, expert advice, and the heartfelt support you deserve as you build the family of your dreams.

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Free bundle includes the Self Care Rituals for Pregnancy Guide + a 2-week email series with tips for nourishing yourself in pregnancy. Guide includes the hugely popular mantra for early pregnancy.

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Learn simple steps to nourish yourself & baby in pregnancy in "4 Ways to Make Your Pregnancy Easier & Healthier." If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to do everything "right" this is the class for you.

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The podcast where you come to learn about pregnancy and grow into the mom you were meant to be as you move through your reproductive journey. If you are pregnant this is the podcast for you!

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