Calm + Confident Pregnancy & Postpartum

Get the support you deserve

Support that Doesn't Feel Rushed

Access Timely and Compassionate Insight from an ObGyn and Mother Who Understands the Pressure of Getting Everything Right.

Does this sound familiar?

Limited-time and access to your Ob Provider

Lack of Emotional Support for Pregnancy

Lots of Conflicting Information and Advice

Too Much Information to Sort Through

You deserve

A Single Source for Trusted Advice and Support

Too often, pregnant people feel like they aren't getting their questions answered.

Unfortunately, seeking reassurance by searching online leads to second guessing and stress — all of which can be harmful to baby and mother.

My mission is to change that.

Blending trusted science with holistic wisdom, Sterling Parents provides expert advice, emotional support and strategies so you can:

  • Make empowered decisions based on the latest research
  • Reduce your stress
  • Learn tools for emotional + physical wellness in pregnancy that translate to Calm Confident Parenting

Included in Your Monthly Membership

Direct Access to Dr. Sterling for All Your Questions and Support

Database of information for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum avail 24/7

Monthly Live Q&As with Our Team of Experts-IBCLC, midwife + more

On-Demand Classes to Prepare for Calm and Confident Parenting

Sterling Parents provides the trusted answers, expert advice and support you deserve, so you can focus on nourishing yourself, your baby, and your family.

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